Put on your running shoes and get ready to have FUN!

AWC Tryouts Prep Workshop

Tough but fun courses, all weekend long!

You don't have to be going to the 2017 Agility World Championships Tryouts to participate in this workshop, but you DO have to be interested in International Style courses from the 2017 Agility World Championship judges!

Our goal in this workshop will be to run as many courses as possible through the weekend, and as needed, to break down how to handle to our strengths to “get ‘er done”. We’ll aim for at least three courses on Saturday and three courses on Sunday, if not more. Strap your running shoes on – but, be ready to have FUN! Are you game to try it out?

We’ll start at 9am on Saturday and end at approximately 5pm, then start again on Sunday! Participant spots are limited, and are $150 each

2017 April AWC Tryouts Prep Workshop

  • You can learn by doing, and you can learn by watching - your choice. Choose wisely, grasshopper! If you're brave enough to run TWO dogs, please apply the coupon code ICANDOITTWICE and get $20 off your order. ONLY use this if you are registering two dogs!!
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