Linda Mecklenburg and Stellar

Linda Mecklenburg Jumping Clinic

If you have never heard the name Linda Mecklenburg, open a new browser window right this instant, and read about the books she’s written on the topic of handling and jumping here:

Linda’s work is far and away the best material you will find on the subject of jump training and handling, regardless of what handling system or methodology you use with your dog on course.

Linda is going to be HERE, at Clear Mind Agility, July 15-16, 2017 to teach a jumping clinic! This will be her PNW stop on what is likely to be a national tour. The content will likely include at least some material from Mastering Jumping Skills v2 (as yet unpublished).

Whether you have a puppy in training, or a seasoned canine competitor, the information as well as Linda’s presentation skills is not to be missed.

Dry camping will be permitted on site for this workshop, and there are camping and hotels located within 30  minutes of Clear Mind Agility.